Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

This week we celebrate International Breastfeeding Week! To all the mums who are ready at any time of the day to feed our newborns ... You rock! This week is your week. And men, give your females an extra pampering.

Breastfeeding in Flanders is on the rise. Also in 2020, the proportion of newborns starting breastfeeding increased further. Thus, 81.4% of breastfed infants start breastfeeding at 24 hours; after 6 days, it is still 77%. This is an increase of 4% compared to 2014. Mommies, we're proud of you!

One thing that is often forgotten is that breastfeeding not only involves organizational challenges and exhausting nights, but many women also face discomforts such as pain, nipple fissures or hormonal changes.

For instance, prolactin hormone stimulates milk production but also interferes with ovulation. So this hormone inhibits your fertility and keeps other hormones like estrogen and progesterone at low levels. This lowered estrogen level regularly results in vaginal dryness.

But no worries! We've got your back! Shinn and the Intimate Oil Spray can help relieve these discomforts. Our oil nourishes, protects, and repairs intimate skin and combats vaginal ailments such as itching, irritation, or burning sensations. Apply the oil morning and evening and feel the soothing effects of our formula.

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