For Shinn, the safety of our formulas for the user is paramount. That is why we conducted several studies, both in the laboratory and on the human body. The findings of these studies translate into the following safety guarantees: dermatologically tested, gynaecologically tested, and microbiome safe. But what exactly do these labels mean? You will find out below.

Dermatologically tested

From our dermatological tests, our products show no irritant effects. Our products were applied to 20 people with a patch in these tests. Their skin was evaluated by a dermatologist 30 minutes and a further 24 hours after applying the patch. These showed that our formulations are non-irritant and have an 'irritation index' of 0.00. This research took place double-blind. This means that neither the subjects nor the researchers knew who belonged to the experimental group and who belonged to the control group. This guarantees the objectivity of the results.

Despite this favorable result, we like to add that a skin reaction can never be 100% ruled out. Are you in doubt whether Shinn's products are suitable for your skin? Then apply them to the forearm first. Do you experience no problems after 24 hours? Then they are also suitable for you.

Gynaecologically tested

We also performed gynecological tests with our range. From there, we learned that our products are safe for intimate use and have beneficial effects on intimate skin. The studies involved more than 20 women who used our products once or twice a day for 28 days. A gynecologist then determined that the products have high tolerance and were positively evaluated by the users through a questionnaire.

Unfortunately, a negative reaction cannot be 100% excluded. Are you experiencing problems when using our products? Then be sure to let us know. We are happy to follow this up in consultation with our advisory board of the gynecologists behind Shinn.

Microbiome safe

Finally, our products are also microbiome- or microflora-safe. That means they do not negatively affect the good bacteria in the vagina and vulva, which protect pathogenic organisms. While our products are intended for the vulva (external genitalia) and not the vagina (internal genitalia), it cannot be ruled out that a small amount of product may enter the vagina. A study was set up to ensure the safety of our products for the vagina. Working with an external laboratory, our products were tested for several bacteria, including vaginal bacteria. Our results showed that our products have no negative impact on the good bacteria and are, therefore, safe for the microflora.

Do you have any questions or comments about our research? Please let us know at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.