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Intimate Prebiotic Lotion

Intimate Prebiotic Lotion

The Intimate Prebiotic Lotion for occasional care offers gentle cleansing with a moisturizing effect and supports your intimate microflora.

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For your daily intimate hygiene, water is enough. But occasionally, you may want a little more, for example, when you have dry or stiff skin, during your period, after exercise, after sex, or after childbirth. The Intimate Prebiotic Lotion for occasional care offers gentle cleansing with a moisturizing effect and supports your intimate microflora.

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This mild and natural intimate hygiene product contains no soap and gently cleanses the skin in your pubic and groin area. The ingredients bisabolol and cornflower water work to moisturize, relieve inflammation and repair the skin.

The Intimate Prebiotic Lotion for occasional care was enriched with a prebiotic and natural lactic acid. This allows the product to support the microbial flora of your vulva.

When to use

Your intimate microbiome consists of various microorganisms in a fragile balance that is best left undisturbed. That's why you should rely on water for your daily intimate hygiene. Are you looking for something more than just water? If so, our Intimate Prebiotic Lotion for occasional care is a safe alternative.

Do you suffer from redness, sensitivity, or dryness, for example, during menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, oncological treatment, or after hair removal or sports? Even then, our intimate hygiene lotion offers a safe alternative. In conclusion, the Intimate Prebiotic Lotion for occasional care also offers gentle care with an inflammation-relieving and restorative effect on your skin and any wounds after a natural birth.

Please note that our products and the information on our website in no way replace a visit to your doctor.


For occasional care, use Intimate Prebiotic Lotion externally only. Cleanse your vulva with your hand instead of a washcloth - that way, you won't scrub away your microflora. Thoroughly rinse your skin after using the product, then gently pat your vulva dry with a soft towel.


Aqua / Cocamidopropyl Betaine / Lauryl Glucoside / Glycerin / Myristyl Lactate / Inulin / Panthenol / Bisabolol / Centaurea Cyanus / (Cornflower) Flower Water / Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein / Coco-Glucoside / Glyceryl Oleate / Lactic Acid / (Perfume) / Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate / Caprylhydroxamic Acid / Caprylyl Glycol

Our promise

This product is made with respect for people, animals, and nature. This means that it: respects the vaginal and perineal microflora; has been successfully dermatologically tested; is made with natural ingredients; contains no animal ingredients and is therefore suitable for vegans; contains no endocrine disruptors, dyes, silicones, palm oil, parabens or talc; contains no harmful or irritants; is recyclable.

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