A complete range of products for intimate care

for everyday comfort, during pregnancy, after childbirth or in case of discomfort.

When to use Shinn?

For your intimate hygiene

When it comes to your daily intimate hygiene, you probably rely on water. But perhaps sometimes you want a little more? If you have rough skin, during your period, after sport or sex, after giving birth… Our Intimate Prebiotic Lotion offers a natural mild cleansing without soap, a moisturizing effect, and a supportive effect on your intimate microflora.

In case of discomfort in the intimate region

Shinn offers safe solutions for mild intimate discomforts such as redness, bumps, and sensitivity caused by hair removal, sports, or urine leakage.

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During pregnancy and after childbirth

During pregnancy and after giving birth, your body can undergo many changes. Your belly grows, and your skin comes under tension; you lose more vaginal discharge, you get a cut or have a tear. Shinn is your reliable partner in this wonderful and, at the same time, challenging period.

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For irritations or wounds after sports

Do you experience irritation or even wounds after a brisk walking, cycling, or running session? If so, protect your skin preventively with the Intimate Oil Spray - Protect & Repair. The product puts extra protection on the skin against friction, sweat, and irritating sports equipment. It is suitable for more sensitive skin, such as the skin in your groin area, nipples, and armpits.

  • Developed by Belgian gynecologists from medical practice

  • Medically based and successfully dermatologically and gynaecologically tested

  • Safe for the microflora of vulvar, perineal, and skin in general

  • Mild formulas with natural origins and respect for people, animals, and nature

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  • Amina

    Very efficient and gentle product to use in an intimate area. 🍑 I also use it after depilating legs and armpits. Smells great for a long time.

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  • Charlotte

    Absorbs very easily and leaves no streaks on my panties. Spreads wonderfully and is thin and soft. The pump works pleasantly, even upside down.Lovely also to use after shaving.

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  • June

    Oh, what a discovery! 🤩 Finally, I found an intimate care product thatdoes what it promises, feels velvety soft, and smells great. We are big fans!

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  • Inge

    The Intimate Oil Spray is the comfort product I've been waiting for andfound. No matter where I go, the bottle is a fundamental item in my purse!

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A family recipe

Shinn originates from an experienced Belgian gynaecologist practice and is marketed by a family with a passion for women's medicine.

Our science-based products are sustainably developed and produced in Belgium and meet the highest quality standards.

The team behind Shinn opts for natural ingredients, formulas with mild composition, and products suitable for 'every body'.

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