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Flush Bottle

Flush Bottle

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Upside down flush bottle for easy intimate cleansing following childbirth.



The Flush Bottle by Shinn is an "upside down" rinsing bottle that aids cleaning the perineal area after childbirth.


Niet van toepassing

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Featuring a gentle and focused stream, the Peri Bottle makes cleaning and rinsing the perineum easy and painless.

When to use

After childbirth, the perineal area is sensitive, especially in case of a cut or tear. Use the rinsing bottle to painlessly clean the perineum after childbirth.

Please note that our products and the information on our website in no way replace a visit to your doctor.


Niet van toepassing


Fill the bottle with lukewarm water and add an emollient such as the Intimate Solution if needed. Place the cap on the bottle, pull the nozzle out tightly, hold the bottle upside down and squeeze until a stream comes out. Regulate the strength of the stream by squeezing harder or softer. Repeat as often as necessary. Use the Flush Bottle externally only.

Our promise

This product is developed with respect for people, animals, and nature. To recycle, please separate the cap from the bottle.

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