Here comes the sun!!!

Here comes the sun!!!

“The sun is out and so are we (in our bathing suits)!” With a sun-drenched weekend ahead, the countdown is on to those lovely sunbathing sessions in the garden, on the beach, or in the park. Sun, a deck chair, and a nice drink... What more could you want? A flawless bikini line without irritation or ingrown hairs, of course!!!

Enjoying the sun without discomfort. We take it for granted, but many of us are denied it. Itching, pimples, and burning after depilation ... inconveniences that reappear every summer. But, no more!!! Meet Shinn, your partner in the fight against irritation.

Red bumps after shaving, more popularly known as razor burn, rash, or bumps, are caused by irritation of the hair follicles after shaving. Shaving, especially with a previously used blade, can cause the hair roots to change direction and therefore grow back in under the skin surface at an angle. These ingrown hairs cause inflammation of the hair follicles, also called folliculitis, resulting in well-known red bumps. In practice, we see such inflammations more than desirable. However, the solution is not too complex.

Using a single, sharp razor blade and wearing loose, breathable clothing after hair removal will be beneficial. However, nourishing, restoring and protecting intimate skin will also counteract complaints such as itching, irritation and burning. Use Shinn's Intimate Oil Spray preventively and daily to keep skin supple and soft, and use it after depilation to cool and restore skin. With our oil, red bumps are successfully controlled and irritation will quickly diminish.

The Intimate Oil Spray is a unique formula that complies with the highest standards. The spray is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, GMO-free, vegan and contains no harmful substances. Spray 2 times, leave for a while and you are ready to Shinn!

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