Shinn in de dokterspraktijk

Shinn in the doctor's office

In our blog posts, we try to speak in a medically informed but accessible way about intimate discomforts that many of us struggle with from time to time. We want to make the subject discussable, take it away from the realm of problems, and offer solutions for everyone (young and not so young). We hope we succeed in doing so in whole or in part. 

Since our launch in early July, we received a lot of great feedback on our brand and product, which makes us very happy. Very gratifying! We also received a number of interesting questions from medical circles about the role of the Intimate Oil Spray in a doctor's practice. In what follows, we are going to try to answer those questions in human language (and as little doctor jargon as possible).

In addition to the general applications already covered in the previous blog posts, our product can also be included in specific medical treatments.

Intimate Oil Spray is an emollient or soothing agent. As such, our spray can be used as a supportive measure in the treatment of various skin conditions*.

The main component of our product is hydrogenated olive oil. This ingredient has emollient, softening and moisturizing properties and protects the skin. The application of this emollient component will help strengthen the skin barrier and reduce discomfort. The other ingredients such as tocopherol, bisabolol and chamomile also have similar and soothing effects.

The effectiveness of an emollient is closely related to the intensity with which it is used and therefore to its ease and pleasure of use. Therefore, we opted for a nice 'look and feel', a hypoallergenic perfume, an upside-down misting pump, and a light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing texture. Our oil was also successfully reviewed for contact allergies.

Our spray is a soothing care product for the intimate region that can be used daily, with or without ailments. Genital skin is delicate and has its own character with a higher temperature, higher humidity, a pH of 4.5, and a specific bacterial flora. In order not to disturb these characteristics, a unique olive oil-based formula was chosen with no addition of water.

This way, we managed to keep out emulsifiers, silicones, dyes and preservatives (which often lead to skin reactions) and the uniqueness of the genital region is respected. For the full composition of our product, please refer to the blog post 'Intimate Oil Spray, nourishes, protects and restores skin'.

Intimate Oil Spray can therefore be used broadly for minor discomforts as well as recommended for specific conditions. At Shinn, our aim is to write formulas and develop products that everyone is comfortable with, regardless of the final use. After all, everyone deserves good and pleasant skincare.

Of course, we advise anyone suffering from specific skin complaints to consult a doctor or pharmacist. Our blog posts in no way replace a doctor's appointment.

Meanwhile, Shinn continues to work on a wash oil with the same features as the Intimate Oil Spray with additional cleansing properties. This is something we hope to tell you more about soon.

Finally, we are proud to announce that Shinn will be attending the National Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology on 1 October. For some of you, until then.

* For example, eczema, psoriasis, lichen (-sclerosus, -planus and - simplex),...

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