Intimate oil spray | Let your skinn shine

Intimate oil spray | Let your skin shine

Women and men have become increasingly conscious of their bodies. Everyone wants to feel fresh and cared for. This includes the intimate region.

Medically speaking, washing with lukewarm water is sufficient. That's all that is needed. However, consumers are expecting more, and intimate skin deserves better too. Several times a day, this delicate skin is exposed to aggressors. Soaps, tight pants, synthetic sports equipment, shaving foam, and blades,... often lead to dryness, irritation, and itching.

With these symptoms, it is best to see your GP or gynecologist, but preventive care of your intimate region can avert a lot of discomfort. The nourishing, protective, and restorative properties of the intimate oil spray keep the skin radiant and healthy.

Apply the intimate oil spray after washing, depilating, or bathing in the sea, swimming pool, or jacuzzi and before exercising, getting dressed, and going to bed.

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